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Award-winning content creation

Hello, I’m Michelle

What I do

I’m a copywriter in Melbourne. I create marketing and technical content for big & small companies – typically in hi-tech industries. I write web content, printed publications and video scripts. Sometimes I even help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create their entire information architecture. Science-trained, I can translate the technical into easy to read content that sells, convinces or helps. I’ve even pretty good at project management and tech-stuff such as implementing software systems.


Blog Articles

I research and write a wide range of content, from the hi-tech to blog posts aimed at consumers.

SEO Strategy

I can advise on the SEO strategy you should use to boost Google rankings.


Information Architecture

Dog, cat, parrot, banana. See how jarring it is when information isn’t organised in a logical way or in the way your customers think? I can help with that!

Content Strategy

Content development is time consuming and requires specific skills (you’ve probably discovered that, which is why you are reading this). It’s important to focus your resources on content that will help you meet your business objectives, not lie unread inside the newsletter that someone in your organisation thought was a great idea.

Procedures & Instructions

Having instructional documents that people can actually use to complete tasks will save on training costs and make your customers happy.

Creative Copywriting

Not many people can write killer copy about technical topics. It takes a technical brain to understand the concepts and a creative one to write the words that will engage an audience.

Increase Conversion Rates

You’ve paid for the click, now let’s convert. A carefully crafted landing page can make a HUGE difference to the number of visitors who convert to customers.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Engaging people who visit your website is CRITICAL for both converting them to customers and to boost your search engine rankings. Content on your web pages has to engage, educate or entertain. Sounds easy, but it isn’t!

Drive More Traffic

You know what they say… ‘content is king’. Having content on your website that customers really want will drive traffic and build your authority in your niche.

My Clients

The world’s leading packaging company and a A$5 billion leader in the scientific instruments market are on my client list. I also help smaller companies with their communications.

Here’s what a couple of my clients have to say…


“CommOut’s solution for our website saved Amcor tens of thousands of dollars and allowed our knowledge owners to update content, with an approval workflow protecting our branding.”

Simone Ferrier
General Manager – Corporate Communications


“Michelle created an online lead generation program that delivered 2500% ROI in just 3 weeks!”

Trevor Schoerie
Managing Director

Read the Marketing Sherpa article about the campaign

My Work

Research and copywriting
White Paper

Research and copywriting
Success Story

Writing & Project Management
Annual Report

Huffington Post Article



Cover of ebook

Research & Writing
Lead generation campaign eBook

Data collection, writing, audit support
Sustainability Report



Golden Quill Award

I was part of the small team awarded a prestigious Golden Quill Award by the International Society of Business Communicators in 2009. This award recognizes and awards excellence in strategic communication worldwide. The winning communication elements were part of a large relocation and building fit out project that created a new global headquarters for Amcor in Melbourne.


Marketing Excellence Award

An online marketing campaign that I created and implemented was a national finalist in the Australian Marketing Institute’s Awards for Marketing Exellence.